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Mudeungsan Mountain Recon 28.Feb.15

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Alexis and I had been wanting to do some recon at Mudeungsan National Park. So, we hopped on “our bus”, the city bus we ride ninety-five percent of the time. *It dead ends three hundred meters from our apartment. Anyway, the other end of the line dead ends at the mountain. So, we were excited to ride it all the way.

To our surprise, it only took forty minutes to ride from our neighborhood to the mountain. As soon as we got off the bus there were vendors selling souvenirs, clothing, and food. Alexis wanted to take some pictures of the bugs a vendor was sellin’ for snacks. I told her to go ahead, I’d buy some and that should give us the “green light” for some pictures.


So, these mushy little things, that have been boiled and were now steeping in water, looked to me like roaches. However, they weren’t roaches, but silkworm pupas. Or, in Korean: beondegi.


Alexis asked me what they tasted like… I replied something like “Not bad.” *Our palates differ slightly.

This picture was taken before she tried them.


HER reaction to them was something like: “Those things could gag a maggot!"

As I mentioned in my out-of-order blog entry from March 7, Korean hikers are extremely fashionable on the trails. *Off the trails, too. So, Mudeungsan National Park, being the “mecca” for Gwangju hikers, has a gauntlet of apparel shops before you hit the trailheads. Hikers stream up and down.




I prefer the less expensive, original brands that ‘The North Face’ tries to emulate.



Enjoying a rest, and a coffee for me.



Beware the wild animals!!!


So, where do you clean the mud off your overpriced hiking boots?... At the boot brushing station, of course!



Since I was fresh off my crutches, and still a little gimpy, this was just a recon mission. We checked some stuff out and made plans to return.


Roadside nut vendor.



Now, on to the Vegetarian, or “temple food”, buffet. One word. Awesome! Even Alexis liked it, and she normally likes her food to have previously had a face. After I returned with my third plate I said to Alexis “I think I’m full, but I wanna make sure.”







Everyone leaves happy!


Some last photos ‘round town.


Waitin’ on the bus. This is one of the large chain coffee shops. ‘Angel-in-us-Coffee’.


Swinging by ‘Kahve Hane’ on the way home. Always make time to visit with friends.


My friend, the Roastmaster: Kim Chil Gyu, roasts beans from many different countries. The first bag seen here are Mexican coffee beans. Los granos de café!

This little diva is a 'Lhasa Apso' named Sky. I’d never heard of the breed. But, check out the pink jacket, the tiara hair bow, the pink nail polish, and notice the braided tail. Alexis starting goin’ on about how pretty she is. That’s when the owner, who didn’t speak English, lifted the dog to show Alexis his penis… Yeah.


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loved the blog and laughed my head off about the boy dog dressed as a girl! At least it wasn't a kid. Lol

by Jamie

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